DESPITE a slight drop on last year’s results St George Catholic School still had plenty of reasons to celebrate as over the last three years it has improved its 5 A* to C grades including maths and English by 30 per cent.

Twins and an aspiring footballer were among individual success stories this year.

Rizwaan and Irfaan Sumra, both 16, from Newtown, admitted they had been in competition and said their rivalry would continue into further education.

Irfaan said: “I’ve done better, I feel quite good.

“I’m not going to let him live it down.”

He got an A* in French, six As, three Bs and a C in AS level religious education and brother Rizwaan got an A* in French, four As, four Bs and a C in AS level religious education.

Rizwaan said: “It will probably start when we get home, I’ll have to live with it for the rest of my life.”

The brothers start at Barton Peveril College in September with Irfaan taking physics, maths, biology and economics and Rizwaan taking the same except French instead of biology Thanks to his excellent results Clive Makoni, from Shirley, is now moving on to a two-year scholarship with Bournemouth Football Club. He got two A*s in physical education, an A in religious education, Bs in English and history, Cs in maths and three sciences and a D in Spanish.

Clive said: “I’m very pleased. They’re much better than I thought.”

The college hopes its results will keep it in the top 100 most improving schools in the country.

Head teacher Graham Wilson said the results had come about through the hard work of pupils and staff. The school also offered more vocational subjects allowing pupils to achieve good results which had then encouraged them to push themselves in subjects they struggled more with.