PUPILS at a Hampshire school turned their hand to journalism in a bid to promote a healthy living event.

Youngsters at Rownhams St John’s C of E Primary spent English classes penning articles and coming up with catchy headlines to promote a series of events that are running at their school aimed at healthy living.

The school is staging three events next week to involve families and the wider community in the drive to promote healthy lifestyles and increase fitness.

But in a novel way to get the events promoted, the children were asked to write stories for a fictional newspaper to tie in with their English lessons.

Years 5 and 6 rose to the challenge by penning a number of articles which were put together and circulated as a school newsletter.

Along with writing the stories, the children put together headlines and sourced pictures to highlight the events which begin on May 19 with an orienteering event around Rownhams village in the afternoon, led by Years 5 and 6.

The following day parents are being invited to take part in a woodland walk whilst Wednesday sees a power walk being staged at the start of the school day.

Year 5 and 6 teacher Steve Brown said: “We always try and use a real life topic for the children to write about as we find they are much more involved and interested in the work.

“They have done really, really well with this topic. They are really excited about the events we are planning at the school.”

Here are some of the children’s articles promoting the event: Rownhams St John’s Primary Year 5 and 6 pupils are doing what they can to get their parents off the sofa and in to a fitter lifestyle.

We are trying to encourage people to get out of their house and get walking.

Our special event is being held on the 19th to the 21st of May (in and around our school.) Our teachers and us are doing this so people can get fit; doing the activities they like, so get out and get active.

You can get involved in walking and much more. Dust off your trainers and spend some time feeling good about yourself.

Alternatively, you could always consider losing weight, getting fit and enjoying the sun. This event is suitable for all the family of any ages.

There is rarely events like this around but there are many fitness areas you can go to with your children.

By Leah (Year 6) and Meredith (Year 5) Without a doubt, Obesity is rising rapidly across the UK (even across the world) Mr Brown, who is a Year 5/6 teacher at the school, said: “With the rise of computer games, I feel that schools need to promote a healthy lifestyle for their pupils.” In addition to this, Mrs Jonas also said “I think that Year 5/6 organising three fun events is a brilliant idea. You may not know but when you are outside playing, (Football, Basketball, and Cricket) you burn off the calories that you had from your previous food!”

By Rhys, Ben and Harvey (Year 5)