ANESCO has strengthened its senior team with the appointment of management heavyweight Adrian Barlow as energy services director.

The green energy firm, based at Easter Park, near Silchester, works with businesses, local authorities, housing associations and homeowners, looking to reduce their carbon emissions.

The company was recently named the UK’s fastest-growing private company and is recognised as one of the top 100 cleantech firms in the world.

As energy services director, Adrian will be responsible for developing and driving revenue for Anesco’s ESCO service.

The ESCO model, already popular in the United States and Europe, is an investor-funded route that enables organisations to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings without the need for capital outlay.

The cost of the improvements is recouped by investors through sharing a percentage of the savings generated on energy bills.

Adrian previously worked as director of assets and operations at SSE Telecom, where he was instrumental in the development and operations of the company’s commercial data centre.

He also worked for American telecoms giant Worldcom, now known as Verizon Business.

Chuffed with his new appointment, Adrian said: “What the company has achieved, and continues to achieve, in the energy efficiency market is phenomenal.

“The culture at Anesco is also very positive, and there is an entrepreneurial spirit which I like.

“It is developing in all areas and presents lots of opportunities, like the ESCO model, which has the potential to improve the energy efficiency of so many organisations. It’s great to be a part of it.”