A BRIGHT spark who is passionate about the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting is set to open a new showroom.

But the Smithie LED – Lighting & Electrical appliance Depot showcases more than just lights, as there is an impressive array of electrical household goods, ranging from widescreen televisions, audio and home entertainment equipment, to kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, ovens and fridges.

Smithie UK managing director Shane Hilden is selling top-brand competitively-priced electrical goods to entice customers to his Morse Road premises on West Ham Industrial Estate, where he operates a successful IT distribution business.

The new venture, which opens on this Bank Holiday Monday, is a further diversification of the Smithie business, originally set up 11 years ago in the garage of Shane’s Old Basing home.

“We got into LED about four years ago. And the reason why we went into LEDs is because it’s IT – it’s technology. LED lighting is very important to me. So I thought how else can I get people to come here? ‘I’m going to sell things I like to buy every day of the week,’ and that’s what I have done with this electrical showroom.

“So while they are in here looking at the latest kettle, or telly, or whether they need a new steamer or coffee machine, we can talk to them about LEDs.”

Shane, who has invested around £200,000 in the new showroom, said it is lit entirely by LED lights.

“It’s all about the maths – LEDs save money,” said Shane, explaining that if you replace a 50 watt light bulb with a three watt LED bulb, then there are going to be substantial savings for homes and businesses alike.

“You can save up to 75 per cent of your home energy costs, which for an average home could be £300 a year,” said Shane, who concedes that the initial outlay for a LED light is more than a traditional light bulb.

Smithie LED is running a lucky draw, where punters could win a 42-inch Linsar Smart LED TV. The Mayor will be the showroom at 11am on Monday, May 5.