A BRITISH bike manufacturer has opened its first store in Winchester.

Cytronex, which specialises in high-tech electric bikes, has set up shop on Bridge Street selling brands including Cannondale, GT and Charge.

Cytronex designer, Mark Searles, was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2010 Business Awards.

He said: “The Cytronex system provides silent power assistance on demand when you need it and because we fit to existing quality bicycles, when the terrain is flat you can ride efficiently without power. We have many customers who commute to work - the system allows the less fit to get in shape and arrive at work sweat free, whilst strong cyclists get to work faster than ever before.

“We also have leisure cyclists who use our system to keep up with their partners or friends or just to enjoy cycling around this beautiful part of Hampshire. In the 6 years since the first Cytronex bikes were produced we have had customers travel from as far away as Norway.

“Our new shop is ideally located at the bottom of St Giles Hill to allow customer to fully appreciate the assistance Cytronex provides.”

The new store at number seven has a fully equipped workshop with Cytech qualified staff including senior bicycle mechanic Mike Groves, who has 26 years’ experience.

Positioned close to the Chesil Rectory and City Mill the new store offers servicing for all types of bicycle.