WINCHESTER City Football Club has appointed a new commercial manager launching a new campaign to improve the ground.

Jane Carley, the newest addition to the Hillier Lane club, has been appointed in a bid to launch the fundraising campaign to enhance the site to Southern League standards.

Ms Carley, who formerly worked as fundraising manager and events co-ordinator at Wessex Cancer Trust, has worked for nearly 20 years in networking.

Her first project at the club is to raise £10,000 for the ground grading fund to enable the club to be promoted back from the Wessex League to the Southern League South & West.

The club is required to meet the National Ground Grading Category D by March 31. In order to do this, specific areas have to be upgraded, including resurfacing certain areas within the ground and providing an extra covered stand and medical room.

Paul Murray, managing director of Winchester City FC, said: "We are pleased to have Jane join us as commercial director here at Winchester City Football Club. I have known Jane for a long time and I know that she brings a wealth of experience in fundraising and event management to the club.

“Her appointment confirms our commitment to building a bigger club here at Winchester and we need people like Jane to help us achieve our vision."