BRITAIN should be prepared to defend its key industries against more sophisticated cyber attacks.

That is according to Basingstoke-based MWR InfoSecurity which today welcomed the fact that UK regulators including the Bank of England’s deputy governor Andrew Bailey had met with Iain Lobban, the Director of the Government’s Communications Headquarters, to discuss how to protect key British industries from cyber attack MWR InfoSecurity is one of five companies accredited to deal with cyber attacks under the CSIR (Cyber Security Incident Response) scheme in collaboration with CESG, which is the information security arm of GCHQ, and CPNI.

Managing director, Ian Shaw, based at Matrix House, on Basing View, said: “Briefing the regulators of Britain’s nuclear, aviation, energy, water and finance industries on the threats they face is crucial.”

“Cyber threats will become more and more sophisticated and it is important that British industries are brought up to speed.

“In the future cyber attacks will be used in an increasingly targeted manner and it is essential that organisations know how to defend themselves.”

“Countries are turning to cyber espionage as a geopolitical tool to leverage their position and there are advanced and persistent threats from a variety of sources.”