SHE’S used to running in sports competitions – but now north Hampshire long- distance runner Charlotte Purdue is getting used to running her own business.

Charlotte, who is currently focusing on taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this year and has set her sights on representing Great Britain at the Rio Olympics in 2016, has set up her own training business called Pocket Rocket Run.

“It’s from my nickname – I’ve been called Pocket Rocket since I was 15,” explained Charlotte.

The 22-year-old athlete said: “I decided I wanted to create a brand that people would associate with me.”

Among her clients are two under-16 talented runners, Lucy Wildash and Freya Davis, who are members of Basingstoke & Mid Hants Athletics Club.

But Charlotte is not specifically targeting athletes, and currently has several housewives in Hook, where she grew up, on her books: “I don’t want people to think I just train athletes. I like to get people fit, and I’ll work with anyone,” said the qualified instructor.

“I’ll go to client’s homes with all my equipment – medicine balls and weights – and we do circuits. Everyone is different. I’m not just going to make people run just because I run.”

Charlotte said that offering a variety of different exercises is key to keeping the programmes interesting.

“It’s a way of keeping people motivated. A lot of the exercises that I show people I do myself, so I know they work,” said Charlotte, who also looks at her client’s lifestyles and diets, and when asked, has written out meal plans.

While she is not yet a qualified nutritionist, Charlotte plans to study sports nutrition, with The Training Room, which is a company that provides personal trainer qualifications, and is one of Charlotte sponsors.

Those lucky enough to be members of The Park Health Club, in Hook, can also ask Charlotte for tips and advice, as she has just started work there as a part-time instructor.