IT’S a company with great green credentials and now Basingstoke-based HCR has reduced its carbon footprint by 11.3 per cent on its previous year’s figures.

The company, based at Belvedere House, Basing View, is reinforcing its commitment to cutting the greenhouse gases it produces by operating in a sustainable way.

The latest report compiled by Carbon Footprint, based at Worting House, in Worting, shows the firm is making considerable progress to becoming even greener.

HCR head of marketing Simon Hood said: “We are always looking at ways to minimise our carbon footprint and are delighted this on-going work has culminated in a significant reduction of our environmental impact.

“Rapid climate change is the largest threat to human society worldwide. We take our carbon responsibilities as seriously as the rest of our business and believe it is vital for companies like us to work towards a common goal of reduced emissions.”

According to Carbon Footprint, HCR has also reduced its absolute emissions by almost a quarter since its baseline year of 2011.

This is partly due to a reduction in energy use following the company’s ambitious move last year to its more efficient offices at Belvedere House.

But Simon said there are further measures on the horizon. He explained: “As one of the UK’s largest providers of employee relocation and property-related services the nature of our business means that our own travel is dependent on our clients, some of whom move to far flung destinations worldwide.

“We still have much to do but there are measures we can take to minimise the impact of this on our overall footprint.

“We will continue our efforts and do all we can to make further reductions over the next 12 months and in the years to come.”