MUCH-needed work to revamp a scout hut in the heart of Winchester has started.

Known as the ‘Log Cabin’, the 11th Winchester Scout Group’s hut will be remodelled at its entrance and extended to its side, creating access and toilets for the disabled, and storage facilities.

Energy efficiency will also be improved by installing insulation, energy efficient doors and windows, low-energy lighting, and water-saving devices.

Work at the Stockbridge Road hut started on Monday (July 14) to the tune of £90,000. The scouts raised £30,000 themselves, with The Veolia Environmental Trust topping up the total with £65,000 awarded through the landfill communities fund.

Scout Leader Giles Gooding hopes the revamp will create a space for the wider community – not just the scouts.

He said: “'The Log Cabin' can once again be a great facility worthy of its position in the heart of the local community. This project will make the building accessible to people with disabilities and the improved facilities and warmer hall will make it more appealing to members of the community.”

He added: “The consultation came up with a number of recreational ideas such as a climbing wall, a wilderness area, and an archery lane, none of which are currently available in the community. Subject to funding, this project will open the way for us to improve the rest of the site and implement some of these ideas.”