A NEW youth centre in Colden Common will have to seek alternative funding after withdrawing a grant application from the parish council.

An application was made by the Colden Common Youth Centre Charity for £2,023 to pay for planning fees. It is hoped a new £950,000 youth centre will be built on the same site as Colden Common Primary School.

But some councillors raised issue with agreeing to help fund the project prior to the planning application being approved.

The application, which consists of a large hall and adjoining rooms, has yet to be signed off by the Local Education Authority (LEA).

Despite several councillors voicing support for the project, Cllr Paul Bryant said: “We could be predetermining this planning application if we fund this grant application. I feel that’s inappropriate to be frank.

“We have to make sure we’re lily white with all things.”

Derek Conway, chairman for the Colden Common Youth Centre Charity, said: “I think we have £105 in the account at the moment. We are awaiting agreement from the LEA so none of this will be spent until we have it.

“The other side of this isn’t just monetary. In due course we will have to go out for grants and to get support from our parish council will be a very strong statement with other funding bodies.”

But councillors remained unconvinced and said the funds would have to be found elsewhere.

Maggie Hill: “I feel very uneasy about this. We’re effectively agreeing with funding for something we might be facing later on. I feel very uncomfortable.”