DESPITE the threat of thunder looming overheard the 800th anniversary of the Alresford street market didn’t fail to disappoint.

Around 15 stalls offering various crafts, gifts and nic-nacs took up shop on Broad Street yesterday to celebrate 800 years of trading.

Trustee Pam Stevens, the event co-ordinator, said thankfully the thunderstorms held off long enough for the stall-holders to enjoy their day.

“The weather’s been pretty dreadful but it didn’t get too bad,” she said. “There were a few traders who weren’t there but the Town Trust put on a gazebo of their own with photos from the market back in the day showing sheep farmers and the like.

“I managed to do a booklet which contains all the history of the market and I sold all but three copies. The market started in 1214 so during the last 800 years there have been lots of alterations which the pictures showed nicely.”

With the help of her extra pair of hands, John Rowe, Pam said the market has gone from strength to strength and hope it long continues.

“When I started in 2008 we had some of the traders running the market at the time and giving the trust a small portion of the rates they charged,” she added.

“But it wasn’t working so we decided to find someone who was excited by it and I got the job! We’ve gone from having three stalls to between 17-20 every week.

“It’s not been without its hard work and we could’ve done with some more public footfall but with weather like this it’s hard to judge.”