THERE’S not much 99p can buy nowadays aside from a packet of sweets – but this weekend one Winchester store was serving a British favourite for just that.

To celebrate Norway Day, fish and chip shop Caught, in St George’s Street, joined in an initiative from the Norwegian Seafood Council (NCS), which teamed up with over 99 fryers across the country to offer the firm favourite for just a portion of the price.

They donated 16 tonnes of cod in total in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution.

Damian Hunt, owner of Caught, said: “I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but I think we did really well actually. We sold 100 portions in the first hour believe it or not. It was great fun and we loved every minute of it, it was perfect for us to raise our profile and let people know the business is in new hands.”

They sold 400 portions of the seaside staple on Saturday (May 17), and just 15 minutes after they opened at midday the takeout was bustling with punters.

One local man, who was tucking into his lunch, was cleaner Tony Dobson, 63, of West Hill Park, Fulflood. He said: “It’s just brilliant, you can’t get better value than that, and it’s good fish.”

Jack-Robert Møller, UK Director for NSC, said: “Norway has provided UK fish and chips shops with delicious cod from the icy Barents Sea for nearly 70 years now. We are so pleased that due to the abundance of sustainable cod in Norway, that we are able to give the gift of this fish to the people of Hampshire in celebration of our historic Norway Day.”