A HUSTINGS for the Euro elections will be held in Winchester later this month.

It will give Hampshire voters the chance to hear several of the main speakers.

The confirmed speakers are: Catherine Bearder MEP, Liberal Democrat; Daniel Hannan MEP, Conservative; John Howarth, Labour; and Keith Taylor MEP, Greens.

UKIP have confirmed they will be sending a speaker but have yet to confirm who it will be.

The meeting has been organised by the Central Hampshire branch of the European Movement.

Organisers are expecting a good turn-out with the prospect of an EU referendum looming and the UK’s future in the EU has become less certain.

This election is the first since the Lisbon Treaty which gave the European Parliament greater powers, including the appointment of the President of the European Commission.

The Members of the next European Parliament will play a crucial role in deciding the future direction and evolution of the EU.

This debate is one of a series organised across the UK by the European Movement. It will feature candidates from the five parties who have had MEPs representing the South East of England in the last Parliament.

They will discuss the issues and what membership of the EU means for the UK, their constituents and all EU citizens.

Petros Fassoulas, chairman of the European Movement who will host the hustings, said: “I am delighted that the people of Winchester will be able to come and hear the arguments of the principle candidates for this important election.

“We have been fortunate to secure the commitment from several of the top of the list candidates including three MEPs standing for re-election. The election is held using proportional representation which means that every vote will count and we are hoping through these events to raise the profile of the election and increase voter turn-out.”

The European Movement UK is Britain’s oldest cross-party pro-European campaigning organization.